Our Services

Having expertise in solid fuel stoves, domestic burning, air quality, emissions, and fuel analysis, we are able to provide a large number of services to meet your requirements. The list below summarises some of our key services, however please contact us to discuss the possibility of other services we may be able to provide.

Map of stoves in leeds
Mapping of wood species in the UK
Map of stoves in leeds
GIS mapping of stoves

Core Services

  • Clean Air Strategy guidance
  • Solid fuel stove mapping
  • Targeted educational material on domestic burning
  • Solid fuel stove usage analysis
  • Emissions control strategies and technology
  • Biomass resource modelling and analysis

Other Services

  • Air quality reports
  • Real world emissions testing
  • Emission surveys and inventories
  • Emission abatement technology
  • Fuel analysis
  • Industry specific services