About Us

With a combined academic background totalling more than 20 years, Clean Stove Consultants have extensive experience in laboratory- and modelling-based research. This includes investigations into stove emissions and their impact on air quality and climate change, coal and biomass combustion, pollution from waste wood combustion and forest feedstocks for bioenergy utilisation. Driven by our combined desire to combat pollution and lessen its harmful impacts, our services can help identify the issues with stove use, quantify the scale of the problem in your local area and establish how best to tackle these issues.

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Meet The Team

Dr. Ben Dooley

PhD. MSc. MEng. BEng

Benjamin Dooley

Before entering academia, Ben spent more than 10 years working in the heat treatment industry, helping commission projects at an array of different global locations. Opting to change career direction, Ben completed his undergraduate in Energy and Environmental Engineering at the University of Leeds, achieving 1st class honours. This was followed by the completion of an EPSRC-funded PhD, investigating the combustion characteristics of coal and biomass in air and oxy-fuel environments. Since his PhD, Ben worked as lead author on a collaborative project with the International Energy Agency Clean Coal Centre, reviewing the supply chain costs of biomass co-firing. In addition to producing high-impact industry reports, Ben has successfully published several research articles and given presentations and webinars to industrial and academic audiences.

Dr. Douglas Phillips

MSc. MSc. BSc

Douglas Phillips

Taking an alternative route into engineering, Douglas completed an undergraduate in Forestry at Bangor University, before moving to work in the financial sector for two years. Returning to education, he received a Distinction for his MSc in Sustainable Energy and Environment at Cardiff University. Douglas is currently finishing his PhD at the University of Leeds, characterising different wood feedstocks and determining the potential of the UK’s forests as a source of bioenergy.His research has collaborated with Forest Research and the RSPB, publishing research articles and presenting at several European conferences. In addition, Douglas has recently lead a successful Energy Data Infrastructure project with the Open Data Institute Leeds, engaging with a variety of different policymakers and data providers.

Dr. Josh Cottom

PhD. MSc. MEng. BEng

Josh Cottom

Focussed primarily on the energy sector, Josh has continued to achieve academic excellence throughout his career at the University of Leeds. In addition to receiving 1st class honours for his Energy and Environmental Engineering undergraduate, Josh has been awarded the “Recognition of Research Excellence” award for his PhD, which focussed on nanotechnology for efficient conversion of solar energy. Josh has also worked on a variety of projects relating to biomass and biomass feedstocks, authoring and co-authoring numerous research articles while also presenting at internationally-renowned conferences. Most recently, Josh has worked on an interdisciplinary Post-Doc, researching the potential of processing waste biomass for providing a clean source of cooking fuel within developing countries.